About Us
Ortac exporting more than 50 countries, 7 continents worldwide is surely going on his adventure with high technologic methods.

Ortac was founded in 1969 by Mr. Mehmet Ortac whose company began to take a leading role by working in the first industrially produced injection machine tools in Turkey.

Today, Ortac produces Plastic & Metal cable glands and protective spiral conduits with accessories for different industries and markets: Mechanical and system engineering, the automotive industry, railways, electrical and installations engineering, hazardous areas, lighting industry and more. Ortac products are primarily designed, moulding and produced at the Ortac’s own production plants in Istanbul.

The company currently supply hundreds of standard items from stock with %100 availability also develop and manufacture customer oriented products as based on special or outstanding requirements.

Ortac has more than 50 representative companies and precisely involve robust business relationship in wide worldwide network.

Ortac has all international standart certificates aimed at supplying with best quality by means of testing process, intensively working under international standarts; ISO 9001:2000 and more. Also, Ortac adopts high quality concept, time management, business ethic approach and appropriate price policy. Thus, Ortac is empowered by which is attributed the one of the most important manufacturer among leading companies in the sector.



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