Ortac Tacflex
Tacflex.. A Brand of High Quality Spiral Counduits.

Ortac launched the Tacflex brand in the market in 2012 and came into prominence  in the domestic market and in the international market by using the most advanced innovations in the sector. Spiral counduits are produced entirely in Ortac factories. Tacflex is certified under CE, RoHS, TUV and PT international standards. The alloy used is carefully selected, and conduits and accessories are produced with the highest level of care, systematically in harmony, without causing any mistakes during production.

Thanks to these , the company is proud of its service with its high standard and price balance, in accordance with its uncompromising quality, as befits the Ortac brand, which has expanded to more than 100 countries and is developing day by day.

Drag Chain System

Ortac has decided enter to the market with its latest product "Cable Drag Chain".

Ortac decided to invest in 2019, with an ambitious leap forward, and became capable of producing plastic, metal and aluminum Drag Chain System.

Completing the puzzle of all type cable systems’ parts that consist of cable connection and protection elements, is done by producing its last member of product range as "Drag Chain" in Ortac Factory.  Plastic & Metal Cable Drag Chains have taken its place among other Ortac products , being exported over 100 countries worldwide. 

Connect to Ortac Cable Drag Chains official website: www.cablechainsystems.com

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