Ortac Tacflex
Ortac Presents Tacflex Spiral Conduit Brand

Ortac launched Tacflex brand for Spiral Production in 2012 and came into prominence in the both national and international market as a breakthrough which went through outstanding innovations in the sector. Spiral conduits are completely produced in Ortac Tacflex Production unit at Ortac factory. Tacflex is certified under CE, RoHS, TUV and PT international standards. All used components are cared before demanding from leading suppliers and spirals & accessories are intensively and precisely produced through not to cause any failure throughout the production which works systematically with upper harmonization among Ortac personnel.

Thus, the company is always proud to ensuring superior standards and so balanced price, proportionally its great quality which never been compromised because Ortac's sustainability accommodates immense reliance for all Tacflex application.
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