Values and Principles
Ortac has grown steadily since its establishment. In the early days of its establishment, molding was its first field of work. Its multidisciplinary approach and processes focused on saving more time have been an important factor in its great success.

Founder Mehmet Ortaç's inspiring work ethic and values still form the basis of the company's enormous employee background and attitude, creating a more hardworking and precise structure. His approach to business has brought great success to the Ortac brand.


As a family company, preserving traditional values and raising awareness in the most sensitive policies and international standards have been the most important factors in this development process. Despite the many financial recessions and crises the country and the world has been through, Ortac has continued to develop by coping with the difficulties and taking successful steps and has come to its present day.


Technically, it is not limited to the molding sector, but the modern technology equipment and database created in the early periods, high quality-oriented production has taken place in Ortac facility. Considering the value-oriented mentality, Ortac product range diversified with Drag Chains product, in addition to the glands, conduits and accessories currently being produced. Considering the value-oriented mentality, Ortac product range diversified with the e-chain® product, in addition to the glands, pipes and accessories currently being spread. Ortac's understanding of merit, as it has been done until now, further strengthens its stance and confidence that it has already reached worldwide, beyond expectations, on the way to becoming better.


Creating and advancing sub-brands (Ortac ORvent, Ortac Tacflex and lastly Ortac Drag Chains Systems) are honour to Ortac as a result of long term effort and excessive attention for every detail within the process being completed from raw material moulding stage to shipments. Being a pioneer and trusted brand in the sector is a factor that reminds the company of the prior and binding responsibilities that push Ortac to continuously improve to be the best.

“Innovation is not just a step, it is also a factor that makes us more energetic…”

Higher technological progress and research capability, the company's structure that precedes all other factors in the Ortac facility, its competitive understanding and the enthusiasm and excitement of the first day, by applying all scientific methods, are obligations that make it mandatory to meet all requirements, to follow all current changes and to use intense experimental experience.

This understanding ensures that Ortac is punctual and innovative discipline. As a result, all Ortac customers know for sure that excellence is the only goal for the company.

The company's strength owes to its customer-oriented solutions, the adoption of the appropriate and characteristic and instant problem-solving mentality, and the strong Research & Development unit. As a company, the unique harmony between departments reflects positive energy and kindness so that people's reactions and comments are received in the most valuable way.

From India to Mexico, while Ortac brands being prided worldwide, it stresses to establish an outstanding and effective in addition to, more importantly, fast solution-oriented subsequent robust meets to all requirements coming from various territories precisely putting a presence to satisfy all conversed people.


With successful development process, each Ortac personnel is aware of fulfilling obligations that should be in the process and keep the legacy up to the world brand level as risen in the journey. Being open - minded and enormous concentration cements the cornerstone based on “to illustrate our way, we must sparkle, not only holding a lantern aspect embraced by Ortac.

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