Ortac Metal Production
In 2002 Ortac took an action to produce metal products particularly “Brass Cable Glands” It developed well-equipped metal production unit prompted with contemporary methods and technologies which are always basic requirements in accordance with Ortac main business aspect and cutting edge equipment already deployed within Ortac Facility.
Ortac has cutting-edge various CNC machine tools, moulding rooms, Research & Development unit, Integrated and Management unit and another metal machine tools. In addition to, R&D works deliberately in developing metal production process through intense concentration and scientific methods alongside monitoring current world trends, last advancements and most productive ties.

“Unifying technology with human values and efforts is a key to open minds to set an example “

R&D performs at its peak for metal production’s infrastructure and well-equipped team work aspects by working out along with maximised sensitivity and measures in order to precisely meet all requirements of customers.

Not only adopting traditional Ortac production merits, also upper technologic improvements and latest methods are traced by competent personnel and accommodates at Ortac facility well - equipped hardware – software accustomed whatever is needed for the continuance Ortac Legacy.
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