Ortac Profile
Since our establishment, we have been purposing to serve our best service and increasingly having enthusiasm to grow every single day as Ortac Cable Connection and Protection Parts Company.
Moreover, Ortac aim to spread its reliable reputation with the well- qualified Ortac Products being produced in Ortac production facility. Our essential purpose is to announce our wide product range varying many options for our customer in accordance with complying Ortac standarts and quality.

Not only produce cable glands; also Ortac Orvent Ventilation Elements, Ortac Tacflex Spiral Conduits, Ortac Cable Drag Chains and other Ortac special and customised products being produced in Ortac factory, becoming one of the most leading company in its sector.

It adopts the slogan “for being honored of being your supplier” and strives for that purpose which reminds of us our responsibility to be better off in the sector, dedicated to main purpose “Reach to each corner of the world" Additionally, fulfilling our social and environmental responsibility are a must for Ortac Identity, shaped with those principles beyond financial gratifications.

Ortac always emphasize strong and sincere communication with people and attract them not only from business purposes also social interaction and relationship to establish solid connection building long term business commitments.

Ortac Technic and Performance
Technical department ensures further technical service and data shares in accordance with our customer needs and even it be instant. Ortac’ aspect attributes to impeccable technical assessments done from our customers and employees to thrive inclusive Ortac Service range towards appropriate policies and outstanding problem solver steps in row.

The R&D department exclusively work in designing tools, accessories, technical specifications and products’ compatibility from technical
perspective to customer demands interactively satisfied.
Ortac Global
Ortac come into prominence in more areas at international stage, reaching 5 continents and more than 50 countries. Do not see it enough, on the contrary the Company struggle to do best wherever it can deliver Ortac quality through sincere approach, warm attitude and best service-balanced prices.

Being global supplier regards for growing up within progressive process and immense scanning the world in terms of having superior criteria
empowering Ortac brand worldwide.

Ortac, Tacflex and ORvent brands became a trade mark of International “All Rights Reserved” and one of the most reputable Cable Connection and Protection.
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