ORvent.. Ortac's Another Sub-brand

Undoubtedly, ORvent, the brand of Ortac's most special and unique products, stepped into the field in 2017 as one of the 3 manufacturers in the world that produces ventilation products using original membrane technology.

The Expert R&D department and product specialists focusing on conducting ventilation production unit, precisely selection of membrane and raw material with all details to get it done perfectly.

Technically, the membrane is drew suiting to gland’s body to protect and give a propriety for moisture avoidance and balance inside. It is very rare product which is manufactured by few manufacturer as much as to count it with fingers of one hand.

The specially selected membrane is used to achieve maximum quality which makes a huge difference to produce most equipped Ventilation Elements ever, providing huge advantage in extending lifetime of the applied products. It leads to rise Ortac’s already well-known popular deep-rooted brand in many countries worldwide. Hence, Ortac is proud to offering very supportive and solution- focused product range of ORvent, which considerably and precisely meets to all demands from clients.
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