Ortac Production
Ortac has always social responsibilities and requirements which need to comply for environmental concerns in the international standard. Besides, Ortac is aware of the importance of environment and do all necessary involvements through %100 effectiveness, hampering contamination and damage to clean air Ortac aims to maximize environmental efficiency by applying innovative technologies and the most efficient facilities for inspiring environmental policies consisting of smart steps that need to be
Ortac purposes to maximize social cleaning efficiency by using all innovative technologies and the most efficient simplicities in favour of inspiring environment policies to be complied, coming from road-
map and intelligent steps which are primarily substantial in near future.

Not only for financial purposes, the cooperate aspect enforces pushing to Ortac comply derivatives of all international certification that Ortac is licenced relating to social obligations taking place in terms.

On the other hand, Ortac is known to make inspiring donations on the behalf of Ortac's customers, saluted by its legacy charmed for many years since its establishment.

Ortac Production consists of;



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