On Values - Principles and Ortac
Ortac gradually grew over year since its establishment 1969 Moulding component was a key domain earlier.
Additionally, multidimensional solutions and more attractive – time gained process have been impactful subject in the legendary achievement. Accordingly, the approach and correct business manner always set a great deal of success story in Ortac’s legacy. Founder Mehmet Ortac’s inspirational work ethic and traditional values still cement the company’s tremendous backstage, demeanour and make all Ortac family more industrious and well- regarded ;

A family run company, preserving traditional values, raising awareness in most sensible policies and international measures and standards have become most significant factor in the way of progressive time interval. Even though, as the country faced many depreciation, crisis, several and various disastrous incidents, Ortac kept developing by getting over all difficulties and undertaking precisely well-performed steps within time tunnel up to now.

Technically, deploying cutting- edge equipment and database in the earlier times, not only moulding sector but also reflects ultimate quality- focused understanding and tailor made production units to metal- plastic cable glands precisely facilitated at Ortac plant.

By caring for value-oriented attitude, alongside glands, conduits, plugs and accessories already being produced the company’s production scale has been varied up to Ortac Cable Drag Chains as a most recent member of product range. Product figures’ rise demonstrates great expansion the brand of Ortac that already valued gradually. As done so far, Ortac’s merit reinforces more its stance and reliance to get it better whilst coming out worldwide beyond expectations though it is not satisfied with the current point it already reached.

Creating and advancing sub-brands (Ortac ORvent, Ortac Tacflex and lastly Ortac Drag Chains Systems) are honour to Ortac as a result of long term effort and excessive attention for every detail within the process being completed from raw material moulding stage to shipments. Facilitating a corporate is a substance of pressure which reminds Ortac essential and obligatory liabilities pushing the company to perform its best and non-stop permanent, persistent development as done so far.

It owes to to be amplified to customer- oriented solutions, reasonable and characteristic Ortac subsequent problem solver mentality are harmonised with Ortac technologic well-equipped Research & Development deployed at the early stage of corporation process. It commits and advocates scientific methods going through outgoing advancement which the R&D must monitor, devise and implement by highest attention into the company’s infrastructure. As a body, unprecedented harmonisation among the departments play a huge and critic role to reflect positive energy and sincerity regardless of fraud, deception or trick sacked in terms of having most precious and customised reactions and assessments from people.


Although unprecedented development process which may be considered it enough, each Ortac personnel is aware of fulfilling obligations and great deal of competition should be in the process because facing a fiery rivals even inside the company body will rise the corporate and keep the legacy up to the world brand level as risen in the journey. Being open - minded and enormous concentration cements the cornerstone based on “to illustrate our way, we must sparkle, not only holding a lantern aspect embraced by Ortac.

From India to Mexico, while Ortac brands being prided worldwide, it stresses to establish an outstanding and effective in addition to, more importantly, fast solution-oriented subsequent robust meets to all requirements coming from various territories precisely putting a presence to satisfy all conversed people.

Innovation is not only a step, but also a subject making feel us vigorous…

Investing further technology and more investigation skills are just a must which obliges Ortac to put all effort and scientific method in row, afford all requirements, follow up current outgoing changings, make intense usage of experiments which precede all other factor within Ortac plant and compounded competitiveness, ambition and excitement as the first day of production.

It ensures to be sure there is no compromise, procrastination and slackness which are most detrimental halts and reddest lines of the company’s mentality. Consequently, all involved customers
with Ortac surely know that impeccability is only target pushing harder and harder…

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